10 Free Ways to Attract New Customers for Your Small Business

Free Ways To Attract New Customers
Free Ways To Attract New Customers

10 Free Ways to Attract New Customers for Your Small Business

For organic business growth, you need a strategy that grows your client base in addition to increasing output and developing new products. If you’re in search of an organic business growth strategy that will help you attract new customers, check out our 10 tips that won’t take dollars away from your cash flow.

  • Pinpoint your perfect client – It’s easier to attract new customers when you know which customers you’re distinctly after. Knowing exactly who your target customers are will allow you to think about what those people need and how you can offer something they need or something that will make their lives easier, happier, or better.
  • Find out where your customers are hanging out – Now that you know who your target customers are, find out where they are and what they’re doing. Are they offline, in person, using social media, etc.? When you know where they are likely to be, create a message for them and put it where you know they’ll see it.
  • Know the ins and outs – Know the ins and outs of your business, your product, your industry, and your clients. The more knowledgeable you are the more attractive you’ll be to clients
  • Make yourself, your business, or your product the answer – Create value for your customers, whether its webinars, YouTube videos, blog posts or other content, give them a reason to try your services and build a following.
  • Engage your clients and lock them in – Okay, you don’t have to lock them up, but you do need to engage them. Use direct response marketing to do so, reach out to your clients and employ tactics that engage them, have them request more info from you or opt in for emails and coupons.
  • Connect and build partnerships – Find businesses and services that are complimentary to yours to take advantage of synergy and grow your client list. Nurturing relationships with other businesses owners is one of the best kept secrets of the trade and will allow you to grow your client list over time.
  • Follow Through and Follow up – Whatever your follow up task may be, remember to get it done. Whether you’ve started a great conversation with someone, you have a lead, or you sent out a sample, make sure you don’t lose out on the client because you neglected to close the loop.
  • The host-beneficiary method – Remember how we said to get connected and foster relationships with other businesses? This is similar with a little twist. If you’re a newer business, consider collaborating with a more established business who has a similar target audience as you. You the veteran business will endorse you to their clients by way of offering a special incentive, while they foster goodwill, you’ll foster new clients.
  • Develop a strategy – If you can use the above method, you should plan, in advance, how you will get those clients who are redeeming the offer to become repeat customers. This lines up with closing the loop, you’ve brought the customers in, so don’t forget to follow through.
  • Don’t underestimate service – This one is understood but we think it’s worth mentioning. You should ensure that your service is top-notch across all platforms – in store, online, through-out social media etc. One instance of poor judgment or poor service could end up spreading like wildfire, don’t allow that to happen.

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