Be holistic. Be purposeful. Be generational.

the game designed to grow your business to its full potential

What is profitlandia?

A tool structured
as a game.

Designed to increase
strategy, creativity, and grit while you create your
ultimate marketing system.


We believe in you.

Over 97% of US companies are employee-owned small businesses, making small businesses the backbone of our economy.

Only 39% of businesses are profitable over the course of their lifetime

Your success can positivly impact the individual, the city, and the world.

We love our Customers

Profitlandia was refreshingly unique, with great graphics and a thorough framework of strategic planning decisions for growth and profit. Ami was also a very effective facilitator — pushing us along when we needed help and gtiving us positive affirmations. I recommend Profitlandia for anyone who wants a unique and creative way to make critical business decisions!

Megan Tremelling

The game itself is clear, extremely well-designed, and creates a framework for deep insight in a short about of time. Combined with Ami’s exceptionally empathetic and enthusiastic coaching, it helped me cut through months of dithering to find out that my current business model wasn’t viable and inspired me to create a new approach that’s much more exciting and effective.

Michael Kass
coach, storyteller

Lift Your Business takes a holistic approach and truly guides the solo-practitioner step-by-step in developing a sales/marketing machine with a meaningful message and delivery… The Profitlandia Game eliminates any mental barriers you might have while you are identifying, discovering and defining your business messages.

Miguel Contreras
Agent Prolific

Meet the Maker

Ami Mariscal is a serial entrepreneur of over 13 years who has a genuine passion and vision for business owners to expand their leads and sales through the art and science of holistic marketing.

We are a marketing consultant company who aspires to create ecosystems for prosperity without sacrificing meaning, flow, or pleasure. We focus on proven principles, instilled with positive social psychology and enforced with result driven tools.

Transform your Marketing System into Amazing.