What We Believe & Our Impact

We believe in Muhammad Yunus’ vision of creating a world without poverty, while lifting up the middle class, and making everyone more prosperous and happy. We live in a world of abundance where being happy includes living a meaningful life, with flow, pleasure and positive relationships.

Lift Your Business is on a mission to answer the question, how do we help the most people make money and be happy?

We are doing that right now by helping people who are already making money and/or producing impact and happiness scale up in a systematic way so that they can set a shining example for all the people in their sphere of influence. We help positive change makers create scaleable and repeatable growth in their organizations.

We also give 1/3 of our work away for free to non-profits and culture creators who share our purpose of producing #HappinessForAll and #ProsperityForAll.

The Model & The Movement

In our quest to help create more prosperity and happiness in our sphere of influence, Ami Mariscal, the Founder of Lift Your Business read a book called “How to Give Half Your Work Away For Free” by Matthew Manos. Also inspired by the idea of permaculture and creating sustainable systems for prosperity and happiness within communities, Ami saw that the many benefits of this model combine to create an eco-system that can create a better future for us all.

The Sectors We Serve

Do You Want Pro Bono Support?

Lift Your Business lovingly reviews all pro bono candidates and selects the beneficiaries of our #ServiceUnites program on a rolling basis, based on availability. All pro-bono beneficiaries are required to have an official 501(c)3 status, or the international equivalent. To fill out an application for your non-profit, please visit the Get Started page. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we request that you give us 2 business-days to respond. If you haven’t heard back by then, please call us at the number on the contact page.

“I am always in motion moving so fast I need help to stay grounded. Ami has impressed me with her unique ability to deal with my madness with an abundance of love and grace. She is amazingly talented and understanding with just the right amount of flexibility to help guide our organization in the directions we need to go.”Mark Horvath, Founder, Invisible People