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When you’re looking at life from a wider perspective, it’s easier to see where to go next and get there smarter, faster & better. The Prosperity & Happiness Playbook is a tool to help life-entrepreneurs, aka adults, see the big picture of who they are and where they want to go. Since life is a shifting course, we recommend playing through the Prosperity & Happiness Playbook at least once a year. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find it again next time you’re ready to gain that higher level perspective on your life.


You can spread it out on the office boardroom table, play it on a flight, or hang it on your vision room wall. This is the real life version of the Playbook played with sticky notes and big brains.

[ ] Download and print the game board in the link below:

Prosperity & Happiness Playbook Gameboard


This is the best way to get started right now because you can simply duplicate the Google doc and go at it! You can also play this on a phone conference with a small group of people, in a mastermind group, or one-on-one with your big-brained champion.

Prosperity & Happiness Playbook Worksheet


Here are the instructions for playing Profitlandia:

Instructions for Using the Prosperity & Happiness Playbook