Communication Exploration LIVE online & in North Hollywood

Successful Communication
Successful Communication

Communication Exploration LIVE online & in North Hollywood

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In April we’re exploring communication with these 4 questions:

1. Communication, what is it and what do you believe about it?

2. What gets in the way of successful communication?

3. How can we all have more successful communication in our own lives?

4. What can we do to make a better future where people use communication

successfully more often?


We are holding the 1st love community group gathering focused on communication this month! Mark your calendar because you don’t want to miss it.

April 20th, 2017

The evening of April 20th, we will gather for drinks and snacks at 7:00pm PST at Creative Studios in N. Hollywood. The studio is gated, so text Kelsey when

you arrive and we’ll come get you 323-696-0766.

At 7:30pm PST / 10:30 EST we’ll start the live online discussion as well! You can watch live on YouTube and Facebook and we’ll be interacting with your comments 🙂

Sound interesting?! It will be awesome! This is a new type of community that allows us to interact with a fantastic diversity of people. What holds us all together you ask? We all want to live our lives with the golden rule in mind- loving others as we love ourselves. So simple and yet difficult to do every single day.

Here is the link to view it on YouTube:

To view the video on Facebook, you go to the main Facebook Love Community Group PAGE: scroll down until you find it… Honestly it can be difficult; I have a hard time doing it myself sometimes, so I recommend watching it on YouTube 🙂

I hope to talk to you about communication this month!With love and respect,

Ami Mariscal

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