Talk About Your Company Ideals and Win Big

Talk About Your Company Ideals and Win Big

No one wants to receive product advertisements from the same company 5 days a week. However, people will gladly receive and even share content that’s about hi-level values and ideals. Top performing brands are built on ideals that transcend products and services. And that doesn’t mean you have to change your business model and become a benefit corp. It simply means focusing your marketing message on things that more people want to connect with.

Brands built on ideals are 390.2% more valuable than the average S&P 500 brand.*

Brands built on ideals are 390.2% more profitable than the S&P 500


“Jim Stengel conducted a ten-year growth study of more than 50,000 brands. He found that brands that centered their businesses on the ideal of improving people’s lives resonate more with consumers – and outperform their category competitors.”

5 Ideals Emerged as Big Winners

1. Eliciting Joy

2. Evoking Pride

3. Inspiring Exploration

4. Enabling Connection

5. Impacting Society

When you build a brand and a company culture centered around ideals, you’re connecting with your clientele on an emotional level. Emotional brand connections create long term and ongoing client relationships. People want to connect with brands who take the time to show them what they’re passionate about and why what they’re doing is important. Have the courage to be passionate about the vision you believe in and soon you’ll see the connections lighting up and your business growing in a direction that is both sustainable and satisfying.

5 Ideals Sun Rays_LYB city excellence, social impact, enabling connection, eliciting joy, exploration

Below is a look at Stengel’s successful companies in action. Make note of the feelings you get from these advertisements and think about how your brand can elicit these feelings from your target clientele.

5 Examples from Stengel’s List of Successful Companies

1. Eliciting Joy Example Brand = Coca Cola

Happiness Coke Advertisement
 Eliciting Joy Coca Cola Advertisement
The Happiness Factory - Coca Cola Brand Game
Open Happiness Coke Advertisement
Coca-Cola Smiles Back at You Advertisement

2. Evoking Pride Example Brand = Heineken

 Heineken Advertisement Classic
Robin Hood's Heineken Cans Ad

Heineken's Website "A Proud History"

Funny Proud Beer Belly Heineken Ad

James Bond Movie Heineken Ad

3. Inspiring Exploration = Apple, Google, Red Bull

Apple Computer Advertisement Classic
Explore Apple Computers AdThink Different Apple Campaign Ad
iphone AdvertisementiPhone Advertisement__________________________________________________________________________
4. Enabling Connection = Starbucks
Starbucks Advertisement
5. Impacting Society = Dove, IBM

Now It’s Your Turn To Prioritize Your Company Ideals

Prioritize your company ideals



Eliciting Joy - Stengel 5 Ideals
Evoking Pride - Stengel 50
Inspiring Exploration - Stengel High Level Ideals
Enabling Connection - Stengel's 5 Ideals Impacting Society - Jim Stengel High Level Ideal

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