Grow Your Money Tree Digitally – Social Media Campaign System Map

Grow Your Money Tree Digitally – Social Media Campaign System Map


Today, small businesses can capture the attention of Internet users and convert them into clients. This is achievable through social media campaigns. These are advertising efforts targeting particular types of Internet users. These advertising campaigns can be ran on social media platforms such as Facebook or Google Plus. Are you running a small business and seek to grow through online advertising? You can use the Grow your Money Digitally social media campaign advertising map. What is this Digital Marketing System about and what does it contain? Read on to discover more.

What does this map contain?

The map contains elements as well as the content that you can post in a social media advertising campaign. By making use of a visual system, you can observe how everything relates to each other. This visual layout is represented in colored boxes that make it easy for you to explain the social medial marketing strategy to your team or other stakeholders.

On the left of the map are the elements that relate to your company while on the right are elements indicating the state of your prospect at every stage in the strategy. As you work through the map, you and your listeners should have a clear avatar of your target client. This should be the person who you are targeting in the strategy. They should be the individual in the top 20% of who you are targeting in your posts. Having a good grasp of this avatar helps you to get into their mentality and create copy that will attract them. Here are the specific elements of to the prospect and your company in this social media campaign system map.

The prospect segment

The prospect is your target client. The map has some elements that describe their condition at every stage of your advertising strategy. These conditions are:

• Cool

• Warm

• Hot

At the beginning of your strategy, the prospect is cool. At the middle, they become warm for you. As you conclude the strategy, they are hot for your offer.

The company segment

This segment represents you and its specific elements are indicated on the left of the map. The elements describe how you can structure your advertising so as to capture the attention of your prospective client and win them over as a customer. These elements can be thought of as steps to take in the strategy.

At the beginning, you should include 2 advertisements with each blog post you make in your social media pages. These advertisements should appear in each of 3 blog posts. As such, you have a total of 6 advertisements working for you in this stage. Ensure that the blog posts have lead magnets within them. These ones are structured to deliver Calls To Action (CTAs) for your prospect. Each lead magnet should further be supported with 2 advertisements. In this stage of the strategy, your prospect is still cool.

When your prospect clicks on the lead magnets, they are delivered to specially designed landing pages. These ones explain more about your product or service by using a funnel system populated bby images and content. These pages explain the most attractive features of your offer and direct their attention to some lead magnets located in each landing page. At this point, your prospect is getting warm for you. The lead magnets should guide them to a highly descriptive advertisement that takes them to the next step. These advertisements should deliver an easy “Yes” from your prospect.

By clicking on the advertisements located in the lead magnets, your prospect should arrive at a final stage. This is labeled as the “Easy Yes Offer”. At this point, they are hot for you. They are willing to invest in your product or service. All that is required now is to give them a method of purchase or order. This stage of the strategy provides them with exactly this. By navigating it, they can finally get to your core offerings. They can finally buy or pay for your product or service and become a customer.

The Grow Your Money Tree Digitally plan is easy to understand, well illustrated and can be printed in full on a regular sized sheet of paper:


Grow Your Money Tree Digitally - Social Media Campaign System Map



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