Small Business Lead Generation Guide – Actionable Strategies

Small Business Lead Generation Guide – Actionable Strategies

The only way to keep your business growing is by attracting new clients and getting those loyal to you to spend more in your business. Getting more clients is referred to as lead generation for the purposes of this discussion. So, what does a small business lead generation plan involve? These are free and practical lead generation tips that marketing consulting services or small business consultants will charge you an arm a leg for.

Identify your company ideals

The secret to exponential growth in your company is identifying what higher order value apart from the product or service your business provides: you add to your customer. When you do, find a great, unique way of selling it.

Solidify your financial goals and priorities

For a workable plan, identify which two of the following benefits are important to you presently: cheap, fast, or good. Otherwise, trying to get these three things working for you at the same time is a tall and impractical order.

Determine your marketing principles

These four principles are globally tried, tested, and proven.

  • Strategy planning
  • Grit and persistence
  • 8 touches to get yes
  • Creativity/improvisation

Select your profit drivers

As a business, you want to know the key drivers of your profit. There are various drivers for profits and each may work differently for a business. This is because businesses have unique features. What may be driving profits in one business may not do so to another business. Ensure you focus on one driver at a time.

Finally, determine which marketing muscles to build. Before flexing any of the muscles, decide which aligns best with the team you have, money and resources at your disposal. Plan a campaign to make your profit driver happen. Put the rest of your sales and marketing system into place.