What Everybody Should Know About Efficient Marketing

What Everybody Should Know About Efficient Marketing

Across multiple studies in almost any given year, the number one concern for most business owners is attracting new clients. Attracting new clients is also much more expensive than retaining customers, so it pays to know how to do it… Literally 🙂

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The Benefits of Focusing on Your Top 20% Prospects

There are two major benefits to focusing on your top 20% prospects that I describe in this YouTube video, which is queued-up at the perfect time to start watching via this link https://youtu.be/JujO-kJ4l8A?t=3m38s.

In the video I talk about two huge mistakes almost all businesses make which can be solved by focusing on your top 20% prospects. The first mistake is…
Trying to market to “everyone”.

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It’s hard to get into the head of “everyone” and meet their needs and desires. The messaging often ends up washed out and boring, like advertisements for McDonalds.

The more you can get into the head of a person, the more you can connect with them on a deeper level.


People often ask me, “How often should I send out emails?” The answer is, “It depends on what you’re sending.” You can send 3 emails a week if it’s stuff your audience wants. However, 1 email a month is too many if no one on your list wants what you’re sending. Which brings us to revenue draining mistake #2 in the video…


No one wants to hear about your company or your products everyday except maybe your mom. So what else can you talk about? The more you are focused on a particular group of people – a niche, customer segment, market or industry – the more you can connect about topics that matter to them. That means selecting subjects they care about to connect on and to make another point – meeting them wherever they are in virtual space or physical space.

It’s less expensive to market to a smaller group of people. And if you focus on the prospects that you will provide the most value to, then it follows that you will make the most money from them. Especially because you can determine exactly where they are hanging out online and in real life and market to them there, instead of advertising during the super bowl.

In order to end with a bang, I’ve saved the best reason for last…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule… 20% of everything you do is responsible for 80% of your success. This applies to your prospects and clients as well.

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In conclusion, there are 5 awesome reasons to focus on your top 20% clients:

1) You can connect on a deeper level.

2) You can communicate more influentially more often.

3) You can communicate at less cost.

4) You can meet them where they are hanging out online and in real life.

5) Your potential rewards are much greater.

However, from my work with clients, I find that one of the hardest parts of building a marketing system is determining who to focus on, so we have a collection of steps to help you make this happen. In upcoming weeks I will be writing about each of these steps. Sign up for our blog email list here to receive the posts directly in your inbox 🙂

Step 1: Determine if you are you in a Multi-sided Market

Step 2: Niche Down

Step 3: Identify Prospect Roles

Step 4: Create a Customer Persona / Archetype

Step 5: Create an Empathy Map or Value Proposition Canvas

Step 6: Create a Marketing & Sales System to Attract and Retain your Top 20% Clients


If you want to identify your top 20% clients, but don’t have time to figure it out on your own we have got you covered.

Ami Mariscal, the owner of Lift Your Business will help you figure out your top 20% clients and much more in a 1 hour strategy session at the ridiculously low cost of $43. We offer this fantastic deal because it’s so valuable we wish every business owner would do it. Focusing on a particular group is hard and there’s something about hearing it from an expert that makes it easier to follow-through and succeed. You can set this up by texting or leaving a message at 310-497-6116. Alternatively you can email us at info@liftyourbusiness.com.