2017 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Marketing Trends For Small Business
Marketing Trends For Small Business

2017 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to marketing your small business? Tune in for our round up of 2017’s best small business marketing trends to beef up your marketing game and get your small business out there for the world to see. Settling on a marketing method with a limited budget and resources is as easy as finding out what the strategies are and choosing the best one to suit your priorities and your business. Here we go!

Here are 2017’s best ways to go about small business marketing:

  • Blogging – The effects of blogging are undeniable, by employing this platform you set yourself and your business up for success.
  • Press Releases – These can launch your small or midsized business into view via local and global channels.
  • Social Media Leverage – A too-often overlooked strategy that you should have been using yesterday!
  • Instagram & Pinterest – Don’t think Pinterest or Instagram is for you? Think again and never underestimate the power of cultivating a following on these sites and apps.
  • Utilize Facebook Advertising – Utilizing Facebook successfully can be a huge advantage, especially with small businesses who need the local market to see what they have to offer.
  • Email Marketing & Reminders – Email marketing can be integrated with other marketing strategies for a seamless way to engage customers and remind them what’s going on with your business.
  • Google’s AdWords & PPC Advertising – This is one cost-efficient tactic that can help your small business soar.
  • Webinars – This interactive strategy is proven in keeping leads and potential clients’ eyes and attention on your business.

While each of these marketing trends will help you turn your small business into a profitable venture, we can’t do them justice in just one post. For more on how to leverage each of these tactics to convert leads into sales and watch your profits soar, check back for an in-depth review of each strategy with a beginner’s guide and steps you can easily follow to send your business into the land of profits!