Strategize Like a Pro and Improve Your Resilience

Strategize Like a Pro and Improve Your Resilience

Drive Outcomes with Purpose – Here’s How

If you want to become a mind-boggling strategist, you’ve got to start with the basics. First, a strategist is someone who decides what trade-offs are worth it, where to focus efforts, and why any particular path may be better than the next.

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When strategizing for your own life or business, you’ll want to think about where you’re going to “play.” What segment, market, or path will you pursue? Once you’ve figured that out you’ll know where you stand against competition and where you can differentiate yourself, add value, and really make your mark.

If you’ve already done the Business System Canvas, then you’re one step ahead and ready to get the ball rolling on your business strategy. Focus on the the following principles to become a brilliant strategist and build a scaleable prosperity system…

Becoming a Brilliant Strategist

  • Balancing the big picture & next step
  • Purpose drives vision & values drives strategies drives tactics
  • Eliminate risky assumptions cheap & fast
  • SWOT Analysis

You might recognize some of these and some might be brand new ideas for you. Maybe you’re great at figuring out the next step, but you tend to forget about the big picture, or vice versa. Either way, if you want to be excellent at strategizing, you’ll have to find the balance between remembering the big picture and taking the hundreds of actionable steps it may take to turn your vision into reality.
Use your personal purpose as the driving force to achieve your vision and hold onto your values like we discussed before. That same driving force is what allows strategies to drive our tactics. Are you starting to see how all the pieces fit together yet?
Anyone who knows anything about strategy will warn you that risky assumptions can take you down into blackholes of doom. So, be on the lookout for these minefields.
Using the Business System Canvas Tool found in this blog post will help you eliminate them way before they take you down. So will working with our Prosperity & Happiness Producer, AmiMariscal. Find out more about that by contacting us here.

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Remember to always be eliminating risky assumptions when you’re on the way to a resilient business and scalable profit systems!
Another way to spot risky assumptions in any system is to conduct a SWOT analysis. We go into further detail about SWOT analysis’ in another post but you should take note of your internal strengths and weaknesses as well as your external opportunities and threats. There’s a reason that the SWOT analysis is a staple across businesses big and small.