Create a Waterfall of Money: Focus on Your Top 20% with the Prospect Segment Matrix

Create a Waterfall of Money: Focus on Your Top 20% with the Prospect Segment Matrix

Whether it’s potential clients, customers, buyers, sponsors or investors…

Accomplish your goals faster by focusing on the 20% that will bring you the majority of your revenue

If you’re thinking, “But, I already know my market/segment/audience…” think again. Sometimes when you haven’t seen everything laid out in front of you, you miss opportunities or waste time with ideas that don’t end up holding their weight.

If you’re looking to scale up your profit by improving lead generation, getting better business prospects, and systematizing your sales process, you absolutely cannot pass up The Prospect Segment Matrix. This tool was designed for business owners to help you pinpoint the best segment of prospects to focus on to bring you the most money – and more happiness as well since we design with positive psychology in mind.

This top prospect identification tool helps you put ideas down on paper where you can see the big picture instead of fumbling around and guessing. With everything written down in a graph that allows you to compare apples to apples, you can make an informed decision about what prospect segment to focus on now and eliminate second guessing all in one sweet step that takes less than 30 minutes!

The Prospect Segment Matrix

Accomplish Your Goals

Here’s a link to the Google Sheets version of the Prospect Segment Matrix you can copy and use like a spreadsheet on your computer. Here is a link to the Prospect Segment Matrix that you can print on a regular letter sheet of paper (8.5″x11″).

So, what is the Prospect Segment Matrix?

The Prospect Segment Matrix is an exercise that can be done with yourself, with your team, or with us as your top tier small business consultants. In each box, you’ll give each segment a rating base on a 1 – 5 scale with 5 being the highest score. In the first column, you’ll find a space to strategize with four prospective segments but if you need to see how more ideas might look, don’t be afraid to add them in.


The Prospect Segment Matrix with Example Explanation

Here’s a link to the Example Prospect Segment Matrix in Google Sheets.

Each consecutive column will then pose a new question to you and your team. The first question is, “How much do they need you?”
Working your way through will really get your creative juices flowing, will give you new insight, and will hopefully help you spring up some innovative ideas as your work on becoming a brilliant strategist. When you’ve filled in all the ratings, it’s time to add up the scores and see what prospect segment will be the best to focus on right now.
Remember, there should be some variations but if the numbers are too close, you can always go back and reevaluate.